How to Order by PayPal

(You can also order by regular mail or by email):

PayPal allows people to send and receive money securely through email.
If you are not familiar with PayPal see the description below.

For Current PayPal members:

  1. Send me a regular email first. Include the following:
    1. Your name
    2. Your email address
      (in case there are questions about your order)
    3. Your full mailing address - where you want the order to be sent
      I can easily send your order to a different person, if you wish.
    4. What you are ordering:
      Learning the Tarot (Book) = $17.95
      Curso Practico de Tarot (Book) = $17.95
      CD-ROM = $5.00
      Diskettes = $5.00
      Book/CD-ROM Combination = $21.00 - (specify language for book)
      Book/Diskette Combination = $21.00 - (specify language for book)
      Deck(s) - Give name and price for each one
      ---Check the Deck Price List or Tarot Deck Section for prices.
      ---The Rider-Waite is the deck that illustrates the on-line course.
      ---The Universal-Waite illustrates my book.
    5. Signature?
      Let me know if you would like me to sign your copy of Learning the Tarot
      and what name to address the signature to, if any.
    6. Postage and Handling
      There is no charge for postage and handling within the U. S.
      For orders outside the US, please email me to get the total cost including postage.

  2. Once I receive your email order, I will send you an email confirmation.
    Please do not send money until you get my email.
    I want to be sure everything is all set first!

  3. Once you have received my confirmation, log into your PayPal account.
  4. Click on the "Send Money" option
  5. Enter the following information as requested:
    1. Recepient's email =
    2. Amount $ = total cost of your order as given in my email
    3. Type = Goods - Non-Auction
    4. Recepient's Last Name = leave this blank
    5. Email Subject = PayPal Order
    6. Note: please include your name and email address
  6. Click the "Send Money" button to complete your transaction.

  7. I'll receive an email telling me you have sent the money. Once I've confirmed that your payment has been deposited in my account, I'll send you a second email confirmation and then get your package right out to you!
  8. Shipping
    Orders within the U. S. are sent first class/priority using the U. S. Postal Service. I will usually mail your package the same day or the day after your payment is approved. Orders within the U. S. should arrive in 2-5 days.

Description of PayPal

PayPal is very easy to join, and the service is completely free to consumers. Once you sign up for PayPal, you can send money to anyone with an email address and PayPal deducts the money from your PayPal balance or charges a credit card you have registered with them. Their website address is: If you mention my email address: when you join, I'll receive a $5 referral bonus. That would be a big gift for me and greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance if you decide to go ahead.

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