Tarot and Other Divination Sites

Here's a selection of websites that offer interesting or useful information about the tarot. Some sites also offer products or professional services. I don't have firsthand experience of these offerings in most cases. I simply include them for you to explore on your own and not as a recommendation.

Aeclectic Tarot
Solandia's fantastic online tarot resource with sample cards and reviews of more than 200 Tarot and divination decks. Also non-commercial, unpublished and rare decks, plus tarot faqs, forums and more.
English language version of the site for Alida - a beautiful store in San Marino Republic (Italy) that carries many tarot decks
American Tarot Association
The goal of the ATA is to "bring together qualified students, teachers and masters of the Tarot who are willing to subscribe to a high ethical standard and use the Tarot for the benefit of those for whom they read."
Angelic Tarot Symbolic Cards of Art
Amy Caroll has created a beautiful tarot deck and companion book "The Starward Path and the Angelic Tarot." You can see samples on her website.
Anime Tarot Cards
Ryen has a site devoted to Anime - a certain type of animation or cartoons with a strong link to Japan. He includes a beautiful section with images from tarot decks from different Anime series.
Taetia Zysshe has a section on her website devoted to tarot with reviews, riturals, interpretations and more.
Astarte's TarotWeb
This is a tarot site with a lot of user-friendly features - a newsletter, bulletin board, tarot story section, and more. One page lists places all over the US where you can buy Tarot decks.
Astrology and Tarot Made Easy
Linda Cortellesi is an astrology and tarot teacher, writer and reader. She is working on NatureSpeaks, a tarot deck that uses the language and symbols of the Natural World. Her Tarot Made Easy to Learn is a wonderful pocket manual for interpreting the cards using "catch phrases, cliches and everyday lingo." You can learn more about these projects on her website or order a copy of the tarot guidebook directly by sending a check for $6.00 to her at: PO Box 205, Worthington, Ohio 43085, USA.
Celtic Connection - source for wiccan, witchcraft and pagan knowlege and supplies
DT King - "Best Tarot Resource on the Web"
In 1994 DT King created one of the first tarot websites. His site includes articles on tarot-related subjects - a new one each week.
Enchanted World of Boxes - attractive wooden boxes especially made for tarot decks
Experimental Tarot
Sam Kossatz's new deck and divinatory explanations for each card
Facade - on-line divination programs
Fatal Fortune
In Fatal Fortune, Lottie sets out to solve a mystery...armed with her courage, her insight and her tarot deck. Elizabeth Delisi has written a romantic suspence novel with an intriguing tarot motif.
Fool's Catheral - beautiful site for a collaborative theater company in Seattle, created in the spirit of the Fool
Goddess Tarot Website
Kris Waldeer is an illustrator and author with a special interest in fairy tales, myths and goddesses. She has created the Goddess Tarot and the Goddess Tarot Oracle based on her deck. Each card is devoted to a different goddess figure from world culture.
Hollywood Tarot
Whoopi Goldberg as the High Priestess? In creating the Hollywood Tarot, Melanie Bacon has drawn on the larger-than-life icons of the movie industry to represent familiar tarot archetypes. Amusing and insightful.
NitePagan - Tarot and Rune Bags - hand-crafted bags to hold your tarot cards
Numerology lessons - a free on-line course on numerology (and more) at askAlana.com
Osho Zen Tarot
A site dedicated to the Osho Zen Tarot deck.
Rider-Waite Tarot Images
Paul Caskey has scanned in all the images of the Tarot cards from the Rider-Waite deck. I point to the larger version of these images from each of my card information pages. He has smaller images available as well.
Robert E. Graham's Psychic Express
Robert Graham has a weekly tarot article about one card and other useful articles on readings.
Paul Caskey has scanned in all the images of the Tarot cards from the Rider-Waite deck. I point to the larger version of these images from each of my card information pages. He has smaller images available as well.
Enoch Haga doesn't have a website, but he has written an intriguing book with a new approach to tarot interpretation: the tarosolution system. It uses a layout board and markers to determine the reading. For more information, write to him at this email address: enokh@aol.com
Tarot Passages - (formerly Michele's Tarot Page)
A great collection of tarot links and materials including multiple deck reviews.
Tarot Recipe for Health and Well-Being
Kevin Fillips combines tarot and astrology in a mathematical tarot recipe taken from the Majical Almanac by Marguerite Elsbeth. Also visit Violette d'Eprees' Digital Arcana & Tarot Shop.
Tarot: Tools and Rites of Transformation
Mary Greer is a well-known tarot author/teacher, and Ed Buryn is the creator of the William Blake Tarot. Their website is packed with useful information: book reviews, tips, articles, events, products and a "Tarot Links and Resources" page.

Tarot Totes
A source for a variety of bags to hold your tarot cards.
Tarot.com- tarot site by Visionary Networks. Try their I Ching sampler.
Trigono's Tarrocchi
Tarot decks from Il Trigono - the Italian virtual bookstore
Wicce's Tarot Collection
Lots of deck reviews, links and even a deck exchange where you can trade your unwanted tarot decks for new ones.
Web Tarot Reader
Gerry Smith has created a clever tarot program you can use on the web.
Xena Tarot Deck
A complete tarot deck based on Xena, the Warrior Princess from the TV show of the same name.
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