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You can order Learning the Tarot in paperback (English or Spanish), diskette and CD-ROM, and you can also order many different tarot decks. These items are described below. Before ordering, remember that you are welcome to enjoy the on-line version of Learning the Tarot for free on my website or at home by downloading a copy. If you can't download a copy of the course and can't manage the $5 fee for the CD-ROM or diskettes, let me know and I'll try to mail one to you anyway. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me an email. You can also order Learning the Tarot and many tarot decks from other on-line sources. (See below) If you already own a copy of my book and would like a free bookplate with a signature for it, let me know via email and I'll send one right out to you.

I do like helping people get the tarot materials they need, and I try to give personal service. Since March 1997, I have handled over 2000 orders from 30 countries and all 50 states.

Learning the Tarot was published in October, 1998.
It contains all the lessons, exercises, card meanings,
Celtic Cross information and summary charts from my
on-line course (320 pages).
The publisher is Samuel Weiser, Inc.
The cost is $17.95.

El Curso Practico de Tarot is the Spanish translation of Learning the Tarot published by Urano in 2000 (368 pages). The cost is $17.95.

Learning the Tarot on CD-ROM or Diskettes
These two versions of Learning the Tarot give you a copy of my on-line tarot course for personal use. The CD-ROM version can be used if your computer has CD-ROM capability. The course loads automatically into your web-browser, and then you can navigate it just as you do the on-line version. The diskette version is an option if your computer does not have CD-ROM capability. The course comes on two 3.5" standard high density diskettes. You will need to copy the files from the diskettes to your computer and then load the first page into your web browser program. The course is in PC file format, but most MACs can handle these files as well. Check your system to be sure. (Please note that the CD-ROM and diskettes do NOT contain the deck description section of my website for copyright reasons.)

Tarot Decks
I offer over 120 different decks for sale. Feel free to browse through the Deck Section to see if any appeal to you. You might also want to read through my suggestions on buying your first tarot deck. The Rider-Waite deck is the one pictured in my on-line course. The Universal Waite illustrates the paperback version (in black and white). You do not have to use one of these decks with Learning the Tarot. The principles of tarot work apply to just about all decks, but the examples, illustrations and card meanings in the course do refer to the Waite images. All decks are in the original box, new and unopened.

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