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Self Dedication

A Chapter from the Introductory Lesson of
The Complete Home study Course in Witchcraft (from http://www.abaxion.com)

The first step in learning the craft is Self-Dedication. This, in itself, will allow energies to focus on you. Your body is full of psychic energy which you may already use, and Self-Dedication will open up the earth energies of air, fire, water and earth (known as elementals) to you so you may use them as your own. Each energy that you use is a tool, and the more tools you can use, the stronger your magick.

Self-Dedication and Initiation differ in that Initiation focuses the deity and astral energies to you, while Self-Dedication allows you the ability to reach out and draw the energies on your own.

Read this ritual over and memorize it so you can recite it without having to stop and remember what is next. The reason why some memorization is important is the effectiveness of the ritual is directly related to your ability to fully focus on your task. Interrupting a ritual to look up the instruction can easily distract you and divert your energies elsewhere, hence defeating your purpose.

You Will Need
Three white candles
One red candle
Matches or lighter
Sweet smelling incense, such as rose
(stick or cone is fine)
A cup with water
A quiet place


This must be done on the night of the full moon.
Place the three white candles in the form of a triangle.
Place the red candle in the middle.
Place the water to the left side of the triangle of candles.
Place the incense to the right side of the triangle of candles.

Self Dedication Ceremony

Perform Meditation.
Light the white tip candle and envision white light shooting up from the earth into the candle.
Light the remaining white candles while saying your name.
Light the incense and walk around the candles while saying:
(If you cannot walk around the candles, simply rotate the incense in a circle around them.)
"On this night, I come before the elements asking for the guardians to arise."
"Open the path, open the gates, open the way, I am here."

Light the red candle.
Say why you have chosen Witchcraft or the way of Magick.
(It is important to be honest with this step.)
(Do not simply state that you want to be a witch.)
(Do some serious soul searching and put your heart into it.)
(You can keep it to one sentence or prepare an elaborate speech.)
Stand in the form of the pentagram and say:
(Standing in the form of a pentagram means raising your arms to shoulder height
and spreading your feet about two feet apart.)
"Earth Mother I invoke you."
Stay in this position for a few moments.

Kneel before the candles and take the water.
Pass it through the incense and over the candles while saying:
"Bless me Earth Mother, with this water charge your energies inside."
(This will purify the water.)

Put the cup of water down and place your palms over it,
while envisioning a white light coming from the earth, filling the water. Say:
"As to earth, as to me, may this water purify me."

Hold the cup high over your head and say:
"Open the path, open the gates, open the way, I am here."

Drink the charged water.
Put out the red candle and say:
"Great Earth Mother Blessed Be."
"I am charged, so mote it be."

Let the white candles burn themselves out.


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