V-NewsTicker v2.2 for IE4+, NS4+, Opera 5+ & Konqueror 3.1+

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NOTE: If relatively positioned inside a table, always use "valign=top align=left" for the TD where the V-NewsTicker is. Otherwise the different browsers may position the box differently.

This feature (relative positioning) was implemented in v2.0 to meet the hundreds of requests I've received. Although it should work correctly, you may still have problems on some complex pages. If you have, please first try changing the valign, align, width, height attributes of your tables (TABLE, TD) or any other element where the V-NewsTicker is and only in very serious situations (a matter of life or death :) send me letters. Because I've created scores of examples and this is really eating my time like nothing else. Besides this script is free and I've not tested it so thoroughly like the SmartMenus and I don't guarantee (who can do this :) that no bug will ever appear. So please be reasonable...