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Witch in the Wood...
Courses in Wicca, Witchcraft, including Wicca 101, (Wicca for beginners) intermediate advanced courses online. Links to local drumming circles, online stores, and pagan online networks. ...

A Free Astrology Course in Natal Astrology...
A free course in natal astrology using the keyword method. Learn astrology the easy way...

About Maharishi Vedic Universities--Transcendental Meditation, Health Educa...
Maharishi Vedic Universities offer degrees in Vedic Science, training programs in alternative medicine and business, and courses in Transcendental Meditation, health education, Vedic astrology and Ind...

Ancient Mysterious School...
Welcome Ancient Mysteries School Fort Lauderdale, Florida email: voyageranastasia@hotmail.com  About Ancient Mysteries School Goddess Journeys Courses Contact us Consulting ...

Armanen Runes...
An introduction to armanen rune magic, free rune reading course...

Astrology Institute...
Astrology School offering beginner, intermediate and advanced astrology classes, workshops and two-year Astrology Certificate or Counseling Diploma with Masters Degree Option....

Astrology Schools Teachers Courses...
Robert Corre of the New York City teaches an internet-based classical astrology program based on the system of Morin de Villefranche. Student-Instructor interaction to weekly-issued lessons is via bul...

Blazing Star Herbal School - Tony(a) Lemos...
Gail Ulrich | Links | Location Blazing Star Herbal School Blazing Star Herbal School offers unique and exciting programs in herbal studies to give both the student and professional an opportunity to ...

British Ethical School of Therapies - Hypnotherapy training...
Advanced hypnotherapy training in Cumbria, London and Edinburgh....

California College of Ayurveda...
    California College of Ayurveda ...

California School of Traditional Hispanic Herbalism...
    Founded January, 1998 Charles R. Garcia, Director        California School  of  Traditional  Hispanic  Herbalism   Our Purpose   Instructors and Important People   Schedule and Course Description...

Circle of Miracles School of Ministry: Inter-Faith Ministry School...
Circle of Miracles Ministry School is a non-demoninational inter-faith ministry school providing full experience training and ordaination in Inter-Faith Ministry. Circle of Miracles also provides Cert...

Circle of the Phoenix...
Circle of the PhoenixWiccan TeachingCircle Cotp Home Seeker classes Mission Statement Member Login Contact Us Links About This Site Merry Meet and Welcome to Circle of the Phoenix          Circle of ...

Colorado School of Healing Arts: Home...
Our Location The Colorado School of Healing Arts campus and administrative offices are located  in Lakewood Colorado at the foothills of the great Rocky Mountains and minutes from downtown Denver.  O...

Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Massage Therapy Institute ...
Official Website for the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado, and Yan Jing Supply, Inc....

Connecticut Institute For Herbal Studies...
Connecticut School for Herbal Studies...

Creation Evolution Encyclopedia and Natural Remedies Encyclopedia. Is creat...
sections include origin of matter, stars, solar system, earth, age of the earth, dating of time in evolution, primitive environment, DNA and cells, natural selection, mutations, species evolution, fos...

Crossroads Lyceum Fellowship of Isis Welcome Page...
Fellowship of Isis correspondence Lyceum specializing in priestess training and magi degrees through home study. All pantheons and Goddesses honored....

                                           Welcome to the Church and School of Wicca's homepage.  Since 1968 we have taught, travelled and written, sharing "An it harm none, do as you will" with the ...

Distance Degrees - Calamus Int'l University Home Page...
Study for a degree by distance learning in holistic and mind-body-spirit subjects, psychology, hypnotherapy and other fields...

Dominion Herbal College...
  Name E-mail Echinacea - NEW News: REGISTRATIONS NOW BEING ACCEPTED FOR ALL PROGRAMS. Chartered Herbalist Diploma Program ORIGINAL PRICE $1050.00 SPECIAL $595.00 CDN SPECIAL DEADLINEDecember 31,2001...

Dr. Richard Tan's Homepage...
Offers coursed and services in Feng Shui, Chi Gong, Chinese Philosophy, Ba Zi fortune telling and Dr. Tan's Balance Method of Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and herbs), Festival of Chinese arts, music,...

Earth Spirit Center...
Earth Spirit Center offers studies in Mysticism, Alchemy, Shamanism, Dream Work, and Transformational Spiritual Growth....

Earthlore Explorations - Discovering the Contemporary Relevance of Cultural...
The on-line entrance of Earthlore Explorations. An immersive educational adventure through the history and cultural legacies of our world. Current features include: Gothic Dreams; Earthlore Ireland; M...

ESOCEN offers Advanced Inner Training and Higher Studies for spiritual practitioners and world servers. One of ESOCEN's missions is to present the Truth of the Ageless Wisdom and Esoteric Sciences sci...

Firespell Academy and Emporium ...
FireSpell is a site devoted to informing people about Paganism, Wicca, Ceremonial Magick, Asatru, Druidism and the study of positive magick. ...

FISU - Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment....
FISU - Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment is Europe's leading school for teaching the art of Meditation and Spiritual unfoldment. FISU offer life transforming unique, personally prescri...

Hawaiian Islands School of Body Therapy and Wellness Center - Professional ...
The Hawaiian Islands School of Body Therapy and Wellness Center.Unrivaled medical massage training in the the heart of Kona Hawaii....

Internet Guided Learning Homepage...
Internet Guided Learning   Samuel Johnson: To know where you can find anything, that in short is the largest part of learning. Online CE Courses on Mental Health and Spirituality   Learn Internet ski...

Jenkins Khan Academy: Education in esoteric exoteric, holistic, energetic p...
JenkinsKhan Academy presents courses on esoteric exoteric, holistic & energetic principles, healing, feng shui and the many disciplines of empowered living....

Journeys into Spirit - Spiritual education in healing, massage, health, you...
No Summary...

Kadmon Academy - Holistic Distance Learning...
January 2001 : We have commenced extensive updates and revisions to this site. Please bear with us while we continue with these changes. Open, Flexible and Distance Learning in Psychology , Psychothe...

Learning Annex REDIRECT...
Learning Annex is an alternative adult-education organization offering short, inexpensive courses and seminars on personal growth, business and career opportunities, Internet, Web, New media, health a...

Leidecker Institute...
      Home About a Career in Hypnotherapy Cruise And Learn HypnoStore Courses What's New Staff & Faculty Class Schedule Testimonials Institute Location Contact Us Welcome to the Nation's Premier hypn...

Metastudies University Home Study Courses in astrology, Tarot, Handwriting ...
Courses in astrology, tarot, graphology, metaphysics,and candle magick....

Mindy Hitchcock's Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workshops...
Mindy Hitchcock's Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workshops                                    E-MAIL: (We guarantee a reply from a live human being within 24 hours!)   HOME Articles About the People A...

MJE Learning Center and Dr. Edgar Sung...
Providing Feng Shui education for you and your life...

Mystical Times...
Mystical Times is a full service spiritual education and healing center. With a huge variety of quality classes, gentle healings and handmade supplies we have something to offer every spiritual seeker...

Nature connected counseling, ecopsychology and environmental education spir...
Nature-Connected Education and Counseling Online: Ph.D or M.S. degrees and courses include your prior experiences: inexpensive, spirited, accredited....

Nature connected degree programs, scholarships and courses....
        Institute of Global Education Special NGO consultant United Nations Economic and Social Council Education, counseling and leadership training that supports the United Nations manifesto for en...

New Thought, Science Of Mind, Religious Science...
Become empowered and inspired with Clear Science of Mind Teaching. Take our Home Study Course. Explore the most extensive New Thought site on the net....

Oasis Reiki Institute Home Page...
Free Oasis Reiki Newsletter Quick Facts Testimonials  Press About Us What Is Reiki? Reiki Circle & Clinic Reiki Training & Healing Session Quotes From Our Manuals Advanced Reiki Techniques Articles M...

Chat | Chancellor | Vice Chancellor | Directory [Course Form]  [ Membership Form ] [Conference Form] Affiliations | Hostel | Activities | Recognition Ethics | Links | Email © Indian Board Of Alternat...

Oralin - Free Courses, Support, Healings - Psychic Development & Metaphysic...
Your one-stop metaphysical education resource. Free online courses for Psychic Development and Metaphysical Education, Free Support and Free Healings. Monthly Newsletter, great fun area, Instructors ...

Pathways Institute...
Pathways Institute is a Modern-day Mystery School which teaches the skills that lead to inner knowledge and personal development....

Prairie Future - Seeds for Education...
Prairie Future, with a click you'll be helping young people across the nation earn wildflowers and learn about prairies....

Reiki correspondence course,distance and online education...
Reiki correspondence course, distance education from international school. Reiki First, second ,third and Master degree...

School For Women Healers...
Enter the School for Women Healers   © 2000 - 2001 School For Women Healers Web Women @ Spirit Weave Web Services, LLC ...

School of Sacred Storytelling...
sacred storytelling art and craft through contiuing education seminars and formal apprenticeship program. ...

School of Spiritual Integrity, Kabbalah's Home Page...
  As you can see by the book titles on the logo, I offer courses locally and by mail in various metaphysical disciplines. You can click on any of the titles and go directly to the course description,...

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts...

Spirit of the Earth...

Spirit Space: A Total Connection for Mediumship Readings, Courses andMetaph...
Learn about mediumship, psychics, meditation, dreams and all things metaphysical as our spiritual paths cross by no coincidence....

Sue Rowlands Centre...
You are visitor number since 31 October 1999 Welcome to theSue Rowlands CentreWeb Site 2001 Programme Now Online English Text German Text Italian Text Hostright Ltd.,Tre-Ysgawen Hall, Gwesty Gwledig ...

Temple of a Thousand Mirrors...
Website for Correllian Wiccan Temple in Belleville, IL Handfastings, Classes, Events, Wiccan Pagan Clergy Training and Services, Spiritual Counseling...

Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca Temple of the Sacred Arts Temple Leadership Team The Correllian Nativist Tradition Temple Goals Clerical Services Events Schedule    2005 Lessons Event ArchiveJ...

The Chaplaincy Institute For Arts & Interfaith Ministries...
    for Arts & Interfaith Ministries  "Art is Prayer made visible Music is prayer made audible Dance is prayer embodied But the greatest art we practice Is the Art of Compassion Which is Prayer in ac...

The College of the Sacred Mists Online School of Wicca - Wiccan Degree Trai...
The College of the Sacred Mists Online Schoo of Wicca - Wiccan College Degree Training Programs and Extension Classes. Our school of Wicca and Witchcraft, focusing on Celtic British Traditional with...

The Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts...
The Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts, the only institution of its kind in North America, has gained an international reputation for helping maintain and preserve Gaelic language and culture. S...

The Stav Academy...
  Stav Academy Click logo to Enter Site ...

The Tracking Project...
A non-profit organization founded by John Stokes based in Corrales, New Mexico dedicated to community education through natural ecological and cultural awareness....

Touching Spirit Center Home Page...
Touching Spirit Center is an educational center in the science of energy medicine and the art of spiritual healing...

University of Metaphysics...
Become a DOCTOR through ALL HOME STUDY. Holistically oriented New Thought Metaphysics. Nonsecular. No previous educational requirements. Largest University of its kind. University of Metaphysics. Call...

Welcome to Center for Human Potential...
A service dedicated to helping people achieve their potential. The Center offers publications, classes, seminars, counseling and consultation services, including intuitive and trance readings....

Welcome to OAHH...
Ohio Academy of Holistic Health, inc. Professional training for Holistic therapists, offering a range of distance learning diploma courses in Complementary Therapies and Natural Health....

Home page of ASOR - leader of research into Near Eastern archaeology for over a century. Through publications, fellowships, and overseas institutes, we foster research into archaeology, history, ...

Welcome to The Gateway Associates & Flight of the Hawk - The Michael Teachi...
The Gateway Associates & Flight of the Hawk Homepage - The Michael Teachings, Channeling, Shamanism, Reiki, Flight of the Hawk Center for Contemporary Shamanism...

Welcome to The Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine...
Welcome to the Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine's website. This site is a useful resource for our students, the classical homeopathy community, and individuals looking to find out more about ......

Wilderness Awareness School Home Page...
Welcome to Wilderness Awareness School Wilderness Awareness School is dedicated to caring for the natural world and our children by fostering understanding and appreciation of nature, community and s...

Wisdom Keepers, Inc. Homepage...
Wisdom Keepers, Inc., is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing culturally and historically accurate educational programs and resources on indigenous cultures from the people of those cultur...

Wisdom's Goldenrod Center for Philosophic Studies...
5801 NYS Route 414     Hector, NY 14841     607-546-7777     info@wisdomsgoldenrod.org     about the center | class & meditation schedules | calendar of events | publications About the Center Wisdom'...

Witch in the Wood...
Courses in Wicca, Witchcraft, including Wicca 101, (Wicca for beginners) intermediate advanced courses online. Links to local drumming circles, online stores, and pagan online networks. ...

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