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Age Old Designs in Sculpted Wall Art for Garden and Home-Homepage...
Handcrafted collections of sculpted wall art reflecting age old classical and Celtic designs. Unique finishes capture the look and feel of antiquity.Ready to hang in home,bath and garden....

Black Dragon Crafts...
Innovative Celtic beads and jewellery - partly recycled material, plated with sterling silver, finished with antique lacquer...

Celtic & Heraldic Home...

Celtic Attic: Gifts, Jewelry, Earth & Bath Products....
Celtic Attic: Gifts, Jewelry, Books, Celtic Sea Salt, Jewelry, Soaps, Oils, Incense, Earth & Bath Products, Balt Salts, Metaphysical...

Celtic Callings: Grove of the Celtic Goddess, Ritual Supplies, Gifts, Jewel...
Celtic Callings: Ritual Supplies, Jewelry, Gifts, Oils, Incense, Earth & Bath Products, Grove of the Celtic Goddess Coven...

Celtic Croft - Authentic Celtic Collectibles and Handmade Imports from Scot...
Original Celtic Collectibles and Handmade Imports from Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Pewter, Jewellery, Angora, Knitwear, Books, Music, Crystal, Jewelry, Paperweights, Scarves, Stoles, all originals an...

Celtic Crossing - Purveyors of Gaelic Gifts...
Purveyors of Gaelic Gifts Cad mle filte! Croeso! Welcome to Celtic Crossing! Whether you are looking for a Gaelic gift or Celtic Keepsake, Celtic crossing is the place to be. We have gifts from ea...

Celtic Dreams - Irish, Scottish, Celtic Baby Gifts and Jewellery, Jewelry...
Celtic Dreams World Wide Gift delivery Service. Irish, Scottish, Celtic Jewellery, jewelry and Baby gifts, giftwrapped and delivered direct from Ireland to that special person, ...

Celtic Jewelry, Drums, Tapestries, Textiles, Clothing, and Mythical Images...
Ancient Circles offers Celtic jewelry; symbolic medallions; God and Goddess images; medieval adornment; fantasy, period and other clothing; capes and cloaks, tapestries, and more....

Celtic Jewelry, Irish Wool Aran Sweaters - Briona Anlon Imports...
Heirloom quality Celtic jewelry and Celtic wedding rings, plus Irish wool Aran sweaters, Irish crystal, Irish pewter, Celtic sculptures, and Irish perfumes....

Celtic Lady's ART, JEWELRY, FONTS & Symbols -- Original Art...
Celtic Lady's Site: Original Celtic ART, JEWELRY, FONTS plus pages on symbols & meanings, history, weddings, books and links...

Celtic Leather...
A unique collection of quality leather, with designs inspired by ancient Celtic art.Each piece is painted and handmade by artists who love and respect the Celtic tradition This site is best viewed as...

CELTIC MARKET- Rare Celtic Jewelry,Crafts,Gift ideas & more!...
Dedicated to providing the Best Selection of Rare & Wonderful Celtic Crafts, Jewelry (jewellery), personalised Gifts to Irish, Scottish & Welsh Celts....

Celtic Photos and Crafts Sain Recordings. Celtic Music Welsh Music Welsh ...
Celtic Photos and Crafts-Welsh Imports & Sain Recordings Celtic Music Welsh-American company dedicated to providing the best prompt service and quality products,in North America,that teach about Cym...

Celtic Shop - Celtic, Scottish and Irish Gifts...
The Celtic Shop has Celtic, Irish and Scottish gifts of all types, including, books, jewellery, multimedia, music, videos, crafts and household gifts...

Celtic Stitches...
About Celtic Stitches Range of Garments Club Logos Designs Ordering Details Order Form Feedback Links ...

Celtic Wedding Stationery...
Situated on the east coast of Ireland,Celtic Wedding Stationery offer a full range of stationary with original designs inspired by the Celts and inscribed in old Irish Script. ...

CelticBarn - Crafts for the Irish Castle...
Crafts for the Irish Castle...

CelticLands - lovespoons and crafts from the Celtic nations...
CelticLands - arts and crafts from the Celtic nations - Welsh lovespoons, Irish flutes, Celtic jewelry, flags, tea-towels and other merchandise...

Fine Celtic Jewellery - Since 1976 - JurbanRings...
Jeweller, John Urban is reknown for his celtic wedding bands, hand made with the most intricate traditional celtic patterns. John has been a jeweller since 1976, when he first opened shop in Montreal....

Hawkeye Trading Group - Celtic T-Shirts, Cetlic jewellery, Sterling silver ...
hawk eye trading group - specializes in selling the highest quality celtic products from around the world. Most comprehensive and beautiful product catalogs, easy to follow and navigate. An Artist tha...

Celtic Tiger Jewellery is an Irish owned, Irish run manufacturing company for celtic, claddagh and Irish jewellery. Located in the South East region of Ireland.. We make and sell the best quality and...

Keltic Nations - Catalogue of Celtic jewelry, art and illuminations,music, ...
Catalogue of original Celtic jewelry, wedding bands, acoustic instruments, Celtic art and illuminations, Celtic music and more. Links to numerous sites including Highland Games, Irish Festivals and C...

Mermaid Productions...
Maggie Carchrie, R-R, and the Callanish School of Celtic Arts: Gaelic and Celtic music, both modern and traditional, and classes in Highland dance, Cape Breton step dance, and Gaelic language and ...

New Page 1...

Uncommon Adornments...
Designers of Celtic jewelry, Celtic knotwork and mythical creatures.Simply Celtics include Celtic knotwork designs such as the Celtic Round, Square, Dragon, Four, Oval, and more.Crown Jewels incorpora...

Wedding gift Anniversary gift from Celtic Lovepoons...
The Celtic Lovespoon makes a wonderful anniversary gift, engagement gift, wedding gift, baptism gift, birthday gift, christening gift, valentines day gift and more....

Welcome to CelticLinks.com. CelticLinks.com Features Quality Irish & Celtic...
CelticLinks.com Features Quality Irish & Celtic Clothing, Jewellery, Crystal, Books, Music, Giftware, Irish Dancing And Much Much More...

Welcome to King's Celt...

Welcome to The Welsh Touch...
lovespoons, collectible, handcarved, Celtic, Arthurian, legends, dragons, welsh, jewelry, puppets, soft toys, lap robes, throws, tartans, Black Watch, Royal Stewart, Lindsay, Anderson, woolen, Jacob w...

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