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Shadowwolf calling the quarters (mp3)

The Goddess Chant

Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate,
Demeter, Kali, Innanna...

The God Chant

Pan, Herne, Osiris, Priapus
Ba'al, Dionysis, Apollo, Lugh...

The Parting Song

The Circle is Open, But Unbroken,
May the Lord and the Lady be Ever in your Heart!
Merry Meet and Merry Part,
and Merry Meet Again!

Hoof & Horn

Hoof and Horn, Hoof and Horn,
All that dies shall be re-born
Vine and Grain, Vine and Grain,
All that falls, shall rise again!

"Vine and Grain", in some versions, is replaced by "Corn and Grain"

A Yuletide Poem
-David J Rust
(Sylvan SilverNight, December 2, 1995)

The river flows on and on,
   A never-ending stream;
As darkness fades before the dawn,
   Like waking from a dream.

The Yule-log on the fire;
   The snow on Gaia's breast,
The winter birds soar higher
   As nature takes her rest.

But longest night never lasts
   Like Summer follows Spring,
And shorter days, now are past,
   As is re-born, our king.

Dragon Chant

This chant should enable you to leave your body and go to the sacred place you desire.
Dragon come take my spirit
make it rise
make it fly
make it free to fly above the seas
chant this over and over again and you will soon find yourself floating above your body while it is still down below chanting.

A Song to the Goddess
submitted by Sataurian Thassit

Riding high atop the clouds
Before the silver moon
Dancing 'round making sound
Our love and praises heard

True and just our lady fair
Her beauty does unfold
Mysteries waiting to kiss our hearts
And secrets to be told

Lovely,round,bright,and sound
The moon shines Her beauty down
Wrapping us up in silken gown

Love to you, oh mother moon
Your glory for us to see
Goddess of mine, Goddess of yours

Goddess blessed be!!!!

Dark Goddess Chant (Excellent for grounding)
submitted by Rhiannon

Athtarat - Ashtoreth
Belili - Belcoreth
Lilith - Alorah
Anatha - Tiamat

The Circled Pines

On lonely hill stands a circle of pines, speaking only to the wind,
for goodbye is eventual fate for the wise old trees in end.
alone they stand, alone they'll fall through season's come and gone,
but what they know was told to me by wisps of lives lived long.
The circle of pines are friends to me, as long as sap still flows,
for their loved hill was home to me, and from it I still grow.
From roots held deep in fertile ground, is love of all the times,
when man was boy and trees were cones; all have their circled pines.

Lady in The Shadow
submitted by Masha of Circle Heather

In the Light of the Lady In the Shadow of the Goddess Walk softly and be aware, for you are Blessed Sing deeply and Be Blessed, for you are chosen Let the Light in with you, Let the Winter capture you, For Her will is law. Step to Her song, Sing Her song, for you are chosen You are at the Right hand of the Goddess, You are the Lady of your right

Rain Chant
submitted by Elaine

We are part of the Goddess,
And to her we shall return.
Like a drop of rain,
Flowing to the ocean...

submitted by Rajat Mahapatra

We split from the perils of the past and claim germs of future for fun. The wind blows like a whistling to emptiness and incidents inspire history to repeat the fun of cruelty casually committed without trespassing honesty. Cruelty measures our rage for infinite pain, we call life a simpler design deleting dreams in terms of arms and opinions suspending tongues that answer our curious bones of depth. This story is impartial as the sunlight, communicating with fearlessness of infertile destiny, here there is no word ever heard.

Wicca, the way...

Wicca, the way, the powers that be, For the young and the old, the bold and the free. The path is to know, the path is to see, The way of the Ancients, as it used to be. All the Earth's children, of Sun and of Moon, Down through the ages, we danced to the tune. Holy the star, which is worshipped in truth, Morgan and Merlin, forever in youth. Candles and incense, tools of the trade, For Magnus and Witches, all debts shall be paid. Praise be the Elements, of Fire, Water, Earth and Air, Esbats and Sabbets, you'll always find us there. The path of Wicca, the path of the Wise, In power and glory, all truth shall rise. We stand United, through the ages long past, The truth that is Wicca, forever shall it last. Gathered together, those of the Kin, In freedom and love, beyond any sin. Merry meet, merry part, 'tis union for all, Blessed is the Fellowship, that answers Her call.

Sacred Earth Mother
submitted by Flidais


Sacred Earth Mother
How could I ever doubt you?
You are everything
And you are in me
You heal me, hold me
And make things all right again
You make me feel safe
As I rock back and forth
In the cradle of your arms.

Silver Moon (a song for the Moon Goddess - Artemis)
submitted by Celtic Steel


Oh, oh Silver Moon
Our lady in white
We feel your Magick power
Grow stronger each night
Magick all around
We hear her call
She casts her spell
Enchanting us all

(Best sung during a full Moon)

submitted by Fire


You leave me tied to a crowd of words that desire lust like mechanical flesh, On a Sunday the cool breeze claims the safety of my self-discovery to humanize my memory with a rage: agonised anger and open-eyed blindness summing up all the paradoxes into a confession. You are like a purgative purifying my purpose with private peace; Your tongue inflames the fantasy to rob my death wish like an ego defining all the fire you have in arterial blood blessed with ideas. I dream a vulnerable inconclusive story with no end in view for the episodes of whim that bungle in the jungle of sins I love to overwrite with impatince, with implied figures of speech. Then I discover you like a smell you leave when you are just dust and evaporate into the embrace of magic to leave me jealous and curious.

submitted by Nell

submitted by Nell

My friends and I find this chant very powerful, it may help others out there.....

Stand in a circle, hold hands and chant:

Into the earth,
Into the sky,
Let all my negativity fly!

Chant it over and over, get louder and get the momentum going! Focus on what plagues you, and release it.

Full Moon Chant
submitted by Mandy

This chant is to be said while gazing at the moon
Oh hail fair moon,
leader of night
protect me and mine
until it is light....


In Casting a Circle...
submitted by Raekonna


This is a poem that is spoken immediatley before casting a circle, usually repeated three times. It is very powerful - often spoken before spells invoving the release of negativity, anger, and inner struggles:

The troubles that haunt me, that burn me inside,
Move out from my body and into the sky.
Into my body flows purity and peace,
I am cleansed by the Goddess, my struggles released.


Air I Am
submitted by dea



Homo Lupus
submitted by Jessica


Oh, O mighty corsair of the night, leave your homo sapien counterpart world, this candor you must seize tonight; you are athirst for this transformation, this primal giving from the silver sphere of light; seek quickly this haven of solitude and safety. When you arrive to that place of mystery that surrounds it, which you have sought this moon, shed those human clothes that bind you; your soon sharpened sight will fixate on the ground, quickly you will be unbound; the change will accelerate into a frenzy of skin and fur, and then you will emerge. Alone in this place you may be, but it's perfect for you to reside; in a human world, you would not be able to stray, and you would soon be sought for your hide. Let your senses thaw to a dull ache, as you will know it to be true, you do not belong in a human world, it chokes you through and through; please, no protest, it would be futile to try; keep your amazing lethal self outside. Your beauty a perpetual thing, hopefully, it will last; in this human world, your existense is past; they do not know you, a wonder lost. Let you only reap the pleasures ringing, in your wild and savage system it thrives; let it not stem into your being, lest it be extinguished as most animals are; let yourself admire this silent being you are, in hopes you will live forever. Oh, o mighty banshee of the night, let your seeming stay quiet; would you barter yourself to Fate? Or would you let your moon-bound soul blaze? Oh, o mighty beast, bide carefully, among those humans who would destroy you, only few would welcome and love you.

submitted by Rajat Mahapatra


I ask you a question and see you empty, no one knows the answer when you ask why, I steal sanity into my euphoria. I call your name to search you in the darkest memory never forgotten but actuated like a word next to a wish or kiss that masters the minutes inside weird stories. I name the events and call them irony. I am an anonymous aspiration languishing away from memory of yes and no or some unrequited love evaporating like a finger into a figure culminating in a fantasy perforated by zero. My name never occurs in truth and argues for wisdom you refer to it as a said word lying with a meaning or some simplified tale terminating into untruth. You name me therefore you are. I listen therefore I am not. I wish my name was only curiosity and some question marks seen and feared and forgotten like in amnesia incurably insufficient.


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