13 Goals Of A Witch
A Crash Course In A Witch's Garden
A True History Of Witchcraft
About Witchcraft
Against The Witch Hunters
An Open Letter To A Witch
An Open Letter To Selena Fox
Basic Principles Of The Craft
Being A Witch In Britain Today
Bible Witchcraft
Concerning Nudity
Course 1 - Basic Technologies Of Witchcraft
Course 2 - Meditation & Visualization
Course 3 - Basic Ritual Techniques
Course 4 - Neopagan Symbolism
Hereditary Italian Witchcraft - Part 1
Hereditary Italian Witchcraft - Part 2
History Of Witchcraft - Another View
Never Again The Burning
On Being A Kitchen Witch
PR Flyer - What You Always Wanted To Know About Witches But Were Afraid To Ask
Raven Grimassi On Hereditary Italian Witchcraft
Renee Brant From Gerald Amirault's Trial
Root Of The Word Witch
Solitary Witches
The Ancient Art
The Coven
The Derivation Of The Word Witch
The Do's & Don'ts Of Witches
The Etiquette Of Witchcraft
The History Of Medieval Witchcraft
The History Of Witchcraft - Part 1
The History Of Witchcraft - Part 2
The History Of Witchcraft - Part 3
The History Of Witchcraft - Part 4
The History Of Witchcraft - Part 5
The History Of Witchcraft - Part 6
The History Of Witchcraft - Part 7
The Johannes Junius Letter
The Killings Of "Witches"
The Path Of The Craftsmen In Ancient Egypt
The Rede Of The Wicca
The Roll Of Martyrs
The Witch Laws 8/22/81
The Witch Of Sugny - The Trial Of Jeannette Petit
The Witches Ballad
The Witches Chant
The Witches Creed
Various Aphorisms (Proverbs)
What Is Paganism? What Is Witchcraft?
What Is Your Witch Potential?
Witchcraft - General Practices
Witchcraft - History & Theoretics
Witchcraft - Our Holidays
Witchcraft - The Old Religion - Q&A
Witches' Federal Law Memorandum
Witches Rede Of Chivalry
Witches' Rune
Witches Should Hit The Brooms