3x3 Spell
A Few Quick Spells
A True Beauty Spell
A Spell For Binding
A Spell For Everything
Air Spells
All About Spells
Angel Trap
Anger Relavation Spells
Anti-Depression Spell
Artistic Inspiration
Banishing Spell
Basic Love Spell
Basic Spell Construction
Be A Winner
Beauty Spell
Be Friends With Your Womb
Beckon A Person
Become Closer To Your Cat
Binding A Spell (Classic version)
Binding Spell
Binding Spell
Blackout & Sigils
Blessing My New Home
Blood Sacrifices - Blood Spells - Blood Charms
Bottle Spell
Break The Powers Of A Spell
Breaking A Spell Cast On You
Bring Good Things To You
Bring Him/Her To Heel
Bring Someone Close
Bringing Love To Your Life
Candle & Crystal Spell For Successful Study
Car Protection Amulet
Change Eye Color
Change For The Better
Change Things For The Better
Charmed, I'm Sure - The Ethics Of Love Spells
Charms & Spells
Circle Of Fire - Protection Spell
Cloud Eye Rite
Cold Remedy Spell
Confidence Spell
Constructing Spells
Contacting A Friend
Cord Binding Spell
Coven Spell
Dealing With Psychic Attack
Destructive Knot Spell
Do You Like Me? Spell
Does S/he Like/Love You? Put A Spell On Them To Find Out
Ease A Broken Heart
Easy Money Spell
Essential Money Spell
Exorcism Spell
Fertility Spell
Fetching Spell
Fidelity Spell
Find A Job
Find A Lost Object
Finding Spell
Finding That Which Is Lost
Fire Spells
For A Life Filled With Sunshine
For Riches
For Your Protection
Fortuna Good Luck Spell
Freeze Your Rival Spell
Full Moon Money Spell
Get A Raise
Get A Specific Person To Notice You
Get Another To Agree
Get Someone To Call You
Getting Justice
Getting Rid Of Annoying People
Good Luck Blessing
Green & Gold Money Spell
Hand Protection Symbol Spell
Have An Object Returned
Help Lift Hard Feelings & Heal Emotional Rifts
Help With Shielding
Help You Eat Less & Become Healthy
Hex Your Enemy
Hiding Spell
House Protection Spell Bottle
How To Cast A Spell
Increase Spiritual Awareness
Invisibility Spell
Invisible Shielding
Job Magick
Job Spell
Knot Magick
Know If You Should Travel
Know The Child Within
Love Charm
Love Poppet Reversal Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell To Rekindle The Fire
Love Spells For The One You Want
Luck Money Spell
Luck Spell
Magick Money Jar Spell
Magickal Cleansing & Lifting A "Curse"
Make A Wish Come True
Make A Witch's Ladder Charm
Make Someone Contact You
Make The Person You Love Desire Marriage
Making A Fith Fath
Memory Rite
Mirror Protection Spell For The Home
Mirror Spell To Send Back Negativity
Modified Assyrian Protection Spell
Mojo Bag To Win In Court
Money Attracting/Work Attracting/Success In Business
Money Spell
Money Spell
Money Spell
Money Tree Spell
Money/Prosperity Spell
Negativity Releasing Spell
Nightmares: Spirits That Cause Nightmares
Photograph Spell
Poetic Inspiration
Powerful Wish Spell
Prosperity Spell
Protection Charm Spell
Protection Spell - A Simple Salt Ring
Protection Spells
Quarterly Prosperity Spell
Quartz & Candle Spell
Rain Spell
Rain's Magickal Roach Motel
Releasing Energy Towards Any Goal
Remove Misfortune
Revealing Peel
Reverse A Curse
Reverse Any Love Spell
Reverse Love Spell
Reverse Love Spell
Rich Witch
Rose Love Amulet
Runic Spell For Nearly Anything
Safe Travel Spell
Sea Spells
Self-Defense & Banes
Sell A Book
Separating Yourself From A Problem Or Person
Simple Wish Chant
Silver Spell
Simple Spells
Spell For A Break In Showbusiness
Spell Of Desire
Spell Of The Arrow
Spell Of The Comb & Mirror
Spell Of The Cord
Spell To Find Your Spirit Guide
Spell Working
Spells & Spell Casting
Spells For Internal Well-Being
Stead Hallowing Spell - Norse Tradition
Stop Negative Feelings In A Crowd
Summoning A Spirit Or Ghost
Summoning The Goddess Of Hecatee
Tarot Love Spell
The Broken Mirror Spell
The Eight-Fold Path & The Five Essentials
The Eternal Triangle
The Intention Spell
The Lottery
The True Love/Friendship Spell
To Accelerate Time
To Attract A Lover
To Attract A Wealthy Husband
To Attract The One You Love
To Attract The Opposite Sex
To Break A Streak Of Bad Luck
To Bring A Lover Back
To Bring Spirits
To Conjure Transformation Within Yourself
To Cure A Bad Habit
To Ease The Agony Of Unrequitted Love
To Entice Love
To Find A Lover
To Gain A Prophetic Dream On One's Future Love
To Gain Money
To Get A Lover To Call
To Head For Success
To Help Change Enemies Into Friends
To Help Pay Debts
To Keep Evil From Your House
To Learn The Truth
To Make An Enemy Move
To Maintain Unconditional Love Of Lover & Family
To Make A Lover Come To You
To Make A Man Love You
To Make Yourself Known To Another
To Protect An Object
To Remove A Problem
To Return A Lover
To Rid Yourself Of An Unwanted Lover
To Slow Down Time
To Soothe A Broken Heart
To Speed Up Time
To Stop An Enemy From Spreading Gossip About You
To Win A Bet
Vehicle Protection Spell
Water Spells
Weight Loss Magick Program Spell
Willow Knot Spell
Win The Heart Of The One You Love
Wish Spell To Diana
Witch's Bottle
Witch's Spell For Love
Your Heart's Desire
Youth Preserved