A Collection of Heretic Remarks
A Minister Speaks Out On The Psychic & The Devil
All About Spooks
An "Earth" Religion?
An Ye Harm None
Ancient Mystery Religions
Army Chaplains Handbook
Astral Invasion - Psychic Attack
Before Time Was
Beyond Reason: A New Look At An Old Devil
Big Time Religion
Brief Assessment Of NeoPagan Theology
Chaos vs Thelema
Consciousness & Politics
Creed Of The People Of God
Demonic Possession
Drugs And Religion - Snakebite Trips?
Eric Pryor's Talk
Everyday Brainwashing
Evil Clowns
Guidelines On Discrimination Because Of Religion
Gunshots Halt Ritual By Witches
Guruji's Gift
Hierarchial Discipline
How The Worlds & Peoples Came To Be
Indo-European Paleopaganism & Its Clergy
Intro To Satanism
Investigator's Guide To Allegations Of  "Ritual" Child Abuse
Leave It Out Leviticus
Modern Wiccan Concepts Based In Literary Satanism
Neo-Pagan Witchcraft vs Satanism: Confusions & Distinctions
Neo-Paganism: An Old Religion For A New Age
New Age Ministry
On Fear & Hyperbole
On The Sovereignty Of Muhammad
Pagan Churches
Pagan Musings
Pagan Semantics
Paganism At The Crossroads
Paganism In Prison
Persecution: Ancient & Modern
Religion & Myth
Religious Freedom Act of 1993
"Restoration" Christian Churches & Their Origins
Ritual Abuse Task Force Say Satanists Are Poisoning Them
Satanism As Media Hype
Satanism vs Wicca
Satanism, A Personal Definition
Selling Satan: The Tragic History Of Michael Warnke
Snipe Sorcery
Sympathy For The Devil
The American Guide To Handling Religious Harassment At Work
The Meeting
The Men's Circle
The Pagan Sacrament Of Holy Communion
The Papyrus Of Ani (The Egyptian Book Of The Dead
The Protectors - Reclaiming Men's Ancient Roll In A Partnership Society
The Riddle Of The Trickster
The Ritual Abuse Scandal In Britain
The Temple Of Set, Is It Satanic
The Trail Of God - A 1 Act Play
The Truth About Human Sacrifice
The Truth About Ritualized Child Abuse
Theogenesis: The Birth Of The Goddess
Thunder, Perfect Mind
What Exactly "IS" Halloween
What Law Enforcement Agencies Need To Know About Witchcraft
Why Doesn't Gay Mean Happy?
Why I Don't Believe The "Survivors" Of Occult Groups
Witchcraft Lawsuit