2 Ritual Prayers
A Bowhunter's Prayer To Diana
A Children's Grace
A Daily Rune
A Prayer To The Fire Goddess
Assorted Prayers
Assorted Prayers & Chants
Bright Blessings Prayer
Bringers Of The Dawn
Candlemas Liturgy To Brigit
Chant For Poetic Inspiration
Chant For Spiritual Growth
Chant To Protect From Evil Spirits
Chief Seattle's Prayer - 1855
Children Of The Gods
Daily Prayers & Chants
Dark Angel
Earth Ritual Chant
Evening Prayer
Great Lady
Growth Prayer
I Am Your Child
Many Assorted Prayers
Morning Call
Night Prayer
Old Magic Exorcism
Prayer For A Loved One
Prayer To A Gentle Lady
Prayer To Diana
Prayer To Inanna
Prayer To The Goddess
Prayers To Brighid
Prayers, Incantations, Chants
Queen Of The Night
Song Of The Goddess
Spirit Of The Trees
Strength & Understanding
The Four Adorations
The Lady
The Lady's Prayer
The Mother's Prayer
To The Moon
Waning Moon
Wheel Of The Year
Wiccan Or Pagan Hail Mary