A Book List Of Pagan/Magickal Titles
About Magick
Arts Of Witchcraft: Magical Uses Of The Four
Arts Of Witchcraft: Magickal Uses Of The 4 Elements
Blue Magick
Chaoism & Chaos Magic, A Personal View
Color Correspondences
Days & Corresponding Spellwork
Days Of The Week
Dream Magick
Earth Condenser For Drawing Down Power
Elemental Cauldrons
Elemental Talismanic Magick
Elemental Work - Experiment To Make Spirits Of The Air Manifest
Elements & Forces
Esautism - The Ultimate Magick
Ethics In Magick
Friendship Magick
Home Blessing Magick
How To Use Magick With A Straight Face
Introduction To Magick - Crowley 1929
Laws Of Magick #1
Laws Of Magick #2
Laws Of Magick #3
Magic vs. Prayer
Magick 1 - Why Magick
Magick 2 - The Subjectivity Of Experience
Magick 3 - The Four Worlds
Magick 4 - Elements & Forces
Magick 5 - Chakras & Meditation
Magick 6 - Thoughtforms & Spirits
Magick 7 - Basic Ritual
Magick 8 - Healing & Banishing
Magick 9 - Astral Projection
Magick 10 - Cabala
Magick 11 - Psychic Energy
Magick Fluid Condenser
Magick In Theory & Practice
Magick Without Tears - Crowley - Part 1
Magick Without Tears - Crowley - Part 2
Magick Without Tears - Crowley - Part 3
Magickal Days
Magickal Pyramid
Magickal Reveries
Magickal Stuff
Magickal Workings & Helpful Hints
Making A Magic Mirror
Models Of Magic
Money Magick
Mystical Pentagram
Nature Spirit Magic
NLP: Applied Magic
Notes On The Role Of The Historical Egregore In Modern Magic
Old Magick Exorcism
Planetary Hours
Practical Applications Of The Chaossphere
Review Of "Persuasions Of The Witch's Craft : Ritual Magick In Contemporary England"
Rituals & Spell Objectives & Design In Eight
Seashells - Their Magickal Qualities
Sigil Magic For The Professional Magician
String Magick To Break A Magickal Bond
That Old Black Magic
The Adoration Of Money - A Rite Of Blue Magick
The Empirical Rules Of Magick
The Laws Of Magick
The Magickal Art Of Seduction
The Opening Ritual For Rune Magick
The Pact (IOT) - The Story So Far
The Principles Of Discordian Magick
The Supreme Ritual Of The Magician
The Use Of Magickal Techniques For Gaining Wealth
The Wishing Well -or- Releasing The Butterfly Of Chaos
Things To Know
Tree Magick
What Is Magick?
When Magic Doesn't Work
Wicca = Low Magick


High Magick

Banishing Ritual Of The Hexagram
Breaking The Bond Between Two Lovers
Circulation Of The Body Of Light
Coltsfoot Wealth Spell
Creating A Magick Mirror
Creating An Artificual Element
Draw People To You & Enhance Sexual Attraction
Elemental Magick - Air
Elemental Magick - Earth
Elemental Magick - Fire
Elemental Magick - Water
Hex To Banish Discord & Darkness
Jezebel Spell
Middle Pillar Ritual
Money Spell
Opening By Watchtower
Path Crossing
Pronunciations for Angel Names
Relaxation Ritual
Scullcap Money Spell
Soul Mate
Tarot Contemplation Ritual
To Banish Debt
To Make Bad Luck Go Away
To Obtain Love From A Specific Person
To Stop Slander or Gossip
Uniting Ladder