[Letter Eni (E)-Number 5

THE MASTER OF THE ARCANA: Occult Inspiration

The Heirophant

    E-5 expresses, in the divine world, the universal Law, regulating the infinite manifestations of the Being in the unity of substance: in the intellectual world, Religion, the relationship of the Absolute to the relative Being, the Infinite to the Finite: in the physical world, inspiration; the test of man by liberty of action in the closed circle of the universal law.

    Arcanum V is represented by the image of the Hierophant (Master of the Sacred Mysteries). This prince of occult doctrine is seated between the two columns of the sanctuary. He is leaning on a cross with three horizontals and describes with the index finger of his right hand the sign of silence on his breast. At his feet two men have prostrated themselves, one clothed in red, the other in black. The Hierophant represents the Genius of good intentions and the spirit of conscience; his gesture invites to meditation, to listen to the voice of the heavens in the silence of the passions and of the instincts of the Aesh. The column on his right symbolises the divine law; the one on the left signifies freedom to obey or disobey. The triple cross is the emblem of God pervading the three worlds in order to produce in them all the manifestations of life. The two men, one red, the other black, represent the genii of Light and of Darkness, both of whom obey the Master of the Arcana.

    Remember, son of Earth, that before saying a man is happy or unhappy you must know to what use lie puts his will, for all men create their lives in the image of their works. The genius of Good is on your right, Evil on your left: their voices can only be heard by your conscience. Meditate. and it will tell you what they say.

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