[Letter Beinthin (B)-Number 2]


    B--2 expresses, in the divine world, the consciousness of the absolute Being who embraces the three periods of all manifestations: the past, the present and the future. In the intellectual world, the Binary, reflection of Unity; Knowledge, perception of visible and invisible things: in the physical world, Woman, the matrix of Man, who joins herself with him in a similar destiny.

    Arcanum 2 is represented by a woman seated on the threshold of the temple of Isis, between two columns. The column on her right is red; this signifies purity of spirit. The column on her left is black, and represents the night of chaos, the impure spirit's captivity in the bonds of material things. The woman is crowned by a tiara surmounted by a crescent moon covered by a veil whose folds fall over her face. She wears on her breast the solar cross and carries on her knees an open book which she half-covers with her cloak. This symbolic figure personifies occult science waiting for the initiate on the threshold of the sanctuary of Isis to communicate to him nature's secrets. The solar cross [analogous with the Indian Lingam] signifies the fecundation of matter by spirit; it expresses also, as the seal of the infinite, the fact that knowledge proceeds from God, and is, like its Source, without bounds. The veil enveloping the tiara and falling over the face means that truth hides itself from the sight of profane curiosity. The book half-hidden by the cloak signifies that the mysteries reveal themselves only in solitude to the wise man who wraps himself in the cloak of silent meditation.

     If Arcanum 2 appears in your horoscope, knock resolutely on the door of the future and it will be opened unto you; but study long and carefully the path you are to tread. Turn your face towards the sun of Justice and the knowledge of what is true shall be given unto you. Speak to no one of your purpose, so that it may not be given over to the contradiction of men.

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