ARCANUM X [Letter Ioithi (I., J.,Y)-Number 10]


     I, J, Y--10 expresses in the divine world the active principle that animates all beings: in the intellectual world ruling Authority: in the physical world good or evil Fortune.

    Arcanum X is represented by a wheel suspended by its axle between two columns. On the right Hermanubis, the Spirit of God, strives to climb to the top of the wheel. On the left Typhon, the Spirit of Evil, is cast down. The Sphinx, balanced on the top of this wheel. holds a sword in its lion's paws. It personifies Destiny ever ready to strike left or right; according to the direction in which it turns the wheel the humblest rises and the highest is cast down.

    Remember, son of Earth, that ability depends on the will: if your will is to be accomplished, you must be daring; and to dare successfully you must be able to keep silence until the moment comes for action. To possess Knowledge and Power, the will must be patient; to remain on the heights of life--if you succeed in attaining them-you must first have learned to plumb with steady gaze vast depths.

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