2nd Degree Initiation
3rd Degree Initiation
A Dedication
A Plea For Initiation Standards
A Pledge
A Pledge To Pagan Spirituality
A Self Dedication Rite
Altar Devotion
Bare Bones Initiation Rite
Birthing Dedication
Blessing Of A Traveler
Ceremony Of Initiation
Ceremony To Recognize Completion Of The 2nd Degree Course Of Study
Dedication of Altar & Athame
Dedication of Athame
Dedication Ritual
Dedication Ritual
Dedication Ritual
Degrees Of Initiation
Divine Creation And Initiation
Egyptian Initiation Admonitions
Greek Fire Initiation
Greek Fire Initiation - Seeker's Copy
"Initiate" With Footnotes
Initiation Into The Coven - Outdoor Version
Initiation Requirements For The 3 Degrees
Initiation Rite For The Solitary Wiccan
"Legitimacy" In The Craft, A Conversation
Lid Off The Cauldron - A Wiccan Handbook
Pre-Initiatory Dedication Ritual
Requirements For 1st Level
Requirements For 2nd Level
Ritual Communal Acceptance
Ritual Of Dedication
Self Affirmation
Self Dedication Ritual
Self Dedication Ritual
Self Initiation
Self Initiation
Spell To Initiate One Into A Coven Or Circle
Ten Questions
What Is A First Degree?