A Humorous Guide To Circle Etiquette For Beginners
A Weasel Wiccan Witual
Bare Bones - Third Degree Elevation (spoof)
Charge Of The Phone Goddess
Chawrge - Redneck Pagan Charge Of The Goddess
Chocolate Scrying
Computer Blessing
Coven Pecking Order
Daily Ritual Before TV Viewing
Deep Thoughts
For Sale: "The Sinister Stick 2000"
For The Love Of Riddles
Gilligan's Ritual
Healing Terminology For The Layperson
How To Turn Someone Into A Newt (Gingrich)
HPS Disease
Important Theological Questions
Initiation Ritual For The Cult Of Bill The Cat
Lady Martha Of The Stewart Clan's Beltane Planner
Liber Call Me Al
Misc. Pagan Jokes
Pagan Jokes & Bumper Stickers
Pagan Lightbulb Jokes
Post Office Liberation Front
Redneck Pagan Giggles
Ritual Of The Blessed Motherboard
Sacred Erisian High Mass Of The Krispy Kreme Kabal
Shit Happens
Some Religious Humor
Spell To Stop Web Addition
Tarot For Recovering Pagan Fanatics
Ten Ways To Piss Off A Pagan
The Betty Crocker Cult
The Charge Of The Gawddess
The Chocolate File
The Chocolate Ritual
The Church Of Beaver Cleaver
The Kvetch Of The Goddess
The Lesser Elvis Banishing Ritual Of The Sequined
The Wiccca Laws
Things To Keep Off Your Altar
Thirty One Signs Technology Has Overtaken Your Life
Unitarian Universalist Humor One-Liners
Ways To Handle Stress
Weasel Wicca: A Toon Trad
What Would Jesus Do?
Wombat Wicca Laws
You Know Someone Is New To Paganism If They Think That....
You Might Be A Redneck Pagan If...
Yuppie Pagans