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Pagan Ritual for Basic Use 
(by Ed Fitch) 

A circle should be marked on the floor, surrounding those who will
participate in the ceremony. An altar is to be set up at the center
of the circle. At the center of the altar shall be placed an image of
the Goddess, and an incense burner placed in front of it. Behind the
image should be a wand fashioned from a willow branch. Candles should
be set upon the altar ... a total of five, since on is to be set at
each quarter and one will remain on the altar during the rite. 

Whenall the people areprepared they shallassemble within the
circle. The woman acting as priestess shall direct the man who acts
as priest to light the candles and incense. She shall then say: 

"The presence of the noble Goddess extends everywhere, 
Throughout many strange, magical, 
And beautiful worlds, 
To all places of wilderness, enchantment, and freedom." 

She then places a candle at the north and pauses to look
outwards, saying: 

"The Lady is awesome, 
The Powers of death bow before Her." 

The personclosest to theeast takes acandle from thealtar and
places it at that quarter, saying: 

"Our Goddess is a Lady of Joy, 
The winds are Her servants." 

The personclosest tothe southtakes a candlefrom thealtar and
places it at that quarter, saying: 

"Our Goddess is a Goddess of Love. 
At Her blessings and desire 
The sun brings forth life anew." 

Theperson closest tothe west takesa candle fromthe altar and
places it at that quarter, saying: 

"The seas are the domain of our Serene Lady, 
The mysteries of the depths are Hers alone." 

The priestthen takes thewand, andstarting at thenorth, draws
it along the entire circle clockwise back to the north point, saying: 

"The circle is sealed, and all herein 
Are totally and completely apart 
From the outside world, 
That we may glorify the Lady whom we adore. 
Blessed Be!" 

All repeat: "Blessed Be!" 

The priestnow holdsthe wandout in salutetowards thenorth for
a moment and then hands it to the priestess, who also holds it out in
salute. She motions to the group to repeat the following lines after


"As above, so below ... 
As the universe, so the soul. 
As without, so within. 
Blessed and gracious one, 
On this day do we consecrate to you 
Our bodies, 
Our minds, 
And our spirits. 
Blessed Be!" 

Now is the time for discussion and teaching. Wine and light
refreshments may be served. When the meeting has ended, all will
stand and silently meditate for a moment. The priestess will then
take the wand and tap each candle to put it out, starting at the north
and going clockwise around the circle, while saying: 

"Our rite draws to its end. 
O lovely and gracious Goddess, 
Be with each of us as we depart. 
The circle is broken!"