Magick Laws

Laws of Magick:

1. Law of Knowledge: to effect/affect a thing you must know the thing. The more you know about yourself the more you can know something else.
2. Law of Identification: with your will you can become anything- be one with anything. (Our only tool is the brain)
3. Law of Contagion: anything that has been in contact with something else maintains contact with that thing through the ether.
4. Law of Names knowing the True Name of something defines the action you take to focus a function on that thing.
5. Law of Cause and Effect: under exactly the same conditions using the same actions you will always obtain the same results.
6. Law of Infinite Data: there is more in the universe than we can sense or know. Learning never stops.
7. Law of Association: if a thing reminds you of something else it can be used as a simulacrum for that something else for magickal purposes.
8. Law of Infinite Universes: change your perspective in one area and you change your universe. There are always three choices available.
9. Law of Invocation and Evocation: there are forces outside and inside of you that you can tap and direct through your brain.
10. Law of Pragmatism: if it works, it is true.
11. Law of Predestination and Free Will: events are predestined, each person chooses whether and to what extent to participate in them.
12. Law of Polarity: everything contains and implies its opposite.

a. As above so below. You can extrapolate the universe from one atom.
b. Rhythm serves as a counterbalancing pendulum.
c. "Chance" is a Law which tends to be ignored.
d. "Time" is a function of perspective, subject to the aggregate psychological outlook of your society.
e. Matter is a function of energy, energy can be converted but not destroyed.
f. The combination of any two energy forms will result in a third energy form more complex that the combination of the original two.
g. Even though there are always three choices available, you can always think of another one.
h. There is no such thing as a wrong emotion, just an incorrect interpretation and manifestation thereof.
i. Don't take yourself too seriously, you are a physical function of a very young race. And Life is a lowlife clever practical joker, that loves to piss on your plans - keep your sense of humor.
j. It may not matter 10,000 years from now, but if it affects you it matters. Understand it and react accordingly.
k. Don't pee in the beer.

Hermitic Laws:

The Hermitic doctrine of the Universe:

1. The whole Universe is filled with pure, motionless, formless spirit of creative and pure Divinity.
2. The Universe is boundless and unlimited, a circle whose circumference is everywhere and whose center is nowhere. The Universe is a duality and consists of the manifest and the non-manifest.
3. The life principle emanates from the pure vortices of the central spiritual Sun of the manifest Universe. From this mighty, inconceivable center of life emanate spiritual rays which are scintillating with activity.

The Hermitic Doctrine of Man's Constitution:

1. A Physical Form fourfold in its composition, consisting in a general sense of bones, blood, flesh and hair. This forms as a whole is composed of a finite number of separate organic cells, each cell constituting a minute system of its own, which in its turn was formed by the crystallization of imponderable forces around a living Spirit.
2. An Electrovital Body, seemingly composed of pale phosphorescent light, enclosing a glittering skeleton framework of electric fire. This is the electromagnetic form, inseparable from the physical body during life, and dependant upon the active presence of the physical for its continued existence. The pale phosphorescent light presents a perfect outline portrait of the physical body, while the fiery skeleton shows the interior electronervous system of the living organism. The branches of the nerve, spreading out in every direction from the great trunk lines of spinal cord and brain, present to the trained spiritual sight and infinitude of the fine pencil rays of light darting in straight lines with inconceivable rapidity toward every point of the compass.
3. An Astral Form, so called because it is composed of the magnetic light evolved by the planet. This Astral light differs in quality and degree upon every orb in the Universe since it is generated from the universal ether of space. It may be called the ether under a change of form and capacity. It is the soul of the material planet, and consequently the cause of the planet's external phenomena. To give a better idea of this almost unknown Astral light, we will use an illustration. we say that water is salt, brackish, bitter, sulfuric, sweet, or fresh. This is exactly the case with the Astral fluid. It differs upon every Star. It is this difference which constitutes the strikingly different qualities of each planetary influence.
This Astral Form presents a perfect image of the external personality, even to style and condition of the clothing worn at the time. This form is easily separable from the physical organism and constitutes the true or real personality. By personality we mean the Persona, or the appearance assumed by the Soul during its sojourn within the material vortices of planets of cosmic force. This form is under the direct control of the mental being animating it and under suitable conditions can be made to assume temporarily any image or form within the grasp of the dominating mind. When the Astral double is absent from the physical body, the body, if awake, performs in a purely automatic or mechanical manner. It is also susceptible to the pain and injury which may befall the absent double. The Astral is also susceptible to magical operations. Probably nine-tenths of all black magick injuries are performed by means of or upon this Astral etherical forms.
4. The Animal Soul, or the portion of the animating entity incarnated within the microcosm. This constitutes the lower arc of its universe. This animal soul s formless in regard to its separate expression, and can be traced only in the lower lines and shadings of the human countenance. It is the seat of all the selfish desires. These desires are in themselves lower than the human sphere, but are still evolving upward through it from the animal. Their activities are strictly confined to the Astral and material planes.
5. The Spiritual Body is a finely etherealized organism which in the majority of the present generation is either letent or embryonic. It is the Soul's expression of the heavenly raiment of the purified man.
6. The Divine Soul, or the section of the entity incarnated within the microcosm which constitutes the higher arc of its universe. This Soul, like the lower one, is formless as to its separate expression; yet it can be traced in the higher lines of the human countenance. It is the seat of the good, unselfish, and noble aspirations. All those actions which spring forth spontaneously to aid the weak, the suffering, and the afflicted, which are disassociated from any interested motives of Self, come from it.
7. The Pure Spirit entity itself is called the Divine Self. This is the divine atom of life, the central controlling spiritual Sun of the microcosm. It is never incarnated within the form until the seventh state or perfect manhood is attained.

The Hermitic Doctrine of Karma:

1. Karma is not an active principle; but, on the contrary, it is a crystallized force. It is hte picture gallery or cosmic play of Nature.
2. Karma constitutes the scenery, essence, and mental imagery of a person's total past experience.
3. The Karmic spheres of an individual's existence exists as Astral life currents which the soul traveled and which become crystallized forms. These are expressive of the actions and motives which prompted them. Therefore, our past Karma constitutes the Soul's past history in the Astral light. It can be deciphered by the properly trained Lucid, and een by some mediumistic clairvoyants.
4. Karma is the offspring of everythingm or everything that possesses pictorial records of its past evolutions. It is by means of this Karma that the psychometric sensitive can read the unwritten part. Without Karma, the powers of Psychometry would be totally useless. However, they can only deal with small Karmas. On a grander scale, the Karma of moons, planets, suns, and systems exists. Races of men, species of animals, and classes of plants also evolve special racial Karmas which constitute their Astral world.
5. The harmonies and discords of Cosmic evolution generate their special Karma just as thoughts and emotions do.
6. Karma is absolutely confined to the realms of the Astral light, and consequently is always subkective. Karma can only exist as long as the Soul which generates it is attached to the same planet. When the soul leaves the planet, the Karma disintegrates. A Soul cannot carry its Karma around the Universe with it, since Astral light differs in quality and degree upon each orb.
7. When the Soul enters the spiritual states of the Soul world (which the Buddhists term Devachan), the power of its earthly Karma can never reatract it to the earth. Its influence over the Soul is lost forever. The lower can never control the higher! To assert that the past fossilized Karma can reattract the soul from the realms of spiritual happiness and reproject it into the mire of earth is to exalt matter to the throne of a Deity. This degrades pure Spirit to the level of a passive brute substance.