Aloha - A Full Moon Blessing
An Opening Blessing - American Indian Tradition
Bedtime Blessing For Children
Blessing Of A Traveler
  Blessing Of The Food
  Blessing Of The Wine
Blessing The Earth For Planting
  Book Of Shadows: Blessing
  Bright Blessing
  Candle Blessing
Chalice Blessing
  Computer Blessing
  Crone Blessing
  Daily Invocation & Blessing
Female Wine Blessing
Fire Blessing
  For Dedication Of Items
  Home Blessing
  Home Blessing Magick
  House Blessing
  House Blessing
House Blessing
  Libation Blessing
  Moon Blessings
My Book Of Shadows Blessing
Ritual Of Self Blessing
Samhain Blessing
  Self Blessing
  Sunset Blessing
The Earth Is Gaia
To Bless Seeds & Bulbs
  Wine Blessing
Wine Blessing